No Pride In Genocide!

Hi All,

Another random thought blog post for you all in regards to how I feel about the permanent dilemma that is my radius.

It is so sad how in modern day (year 2020) acts such as slavery, human trafficking, terrorism and other evil acts are being committed everywhere all over the world.

How evil people in positions of authority have taken our world back in time. So far back that in prehistoric times we had more rights. Such as the Obama and Clinton family creating wars for money and political gain. Racial hate and creating racial wars for money. How serious human rights atrocities (including lighting bushfires and AIDS ridden massacres) are being used for political power.

I feel this is not only a massive disgrace to humanity and a massive fail to the people but terrorists in positions of authority have led this world (our world) into a severe amount of chaos.

I feel also that our “fake world” is being glorified quite a lot in the media which gives people an unrealistic view of the real world and exactly what is going on amongst it.

Unfortunately for me, many years ago I developed PTSD due to war crimes that were committed against me over an excessive period of time. Due to this, I do not watch the news on a regular basis as it tends to trigger me quite a lot in life. However in saying this, I do feel that watching the “fake news” almost places people in a “false hope bubble”. Where they are oblivious to what is actually happening in our world due to scandals and indecent acts being covered up and not reported by journalists.

I wondered if I was alone with this perception?

It is really scary when the real news and crucial information that is imperative for the survival of innocent souls is not reported and advised to the world.

See my dilemma is that in my world, OUR world, there is a massive world war going on. The biggest genocide in history 😢 where the Obama and Clinton family are at the top going on massive massacres with AIDS and other really nasty 🤢 STDs. Of coarse, in case this situation couldn’t get any worse Hollywood is involved (looking clean as…thanks to the latest plastic surgery) and they are using their celebrity status to kill innocent people, people in poverty (like myself) in exchange for surviving a World War. Of coarse, believing their superficial, obsessed with taking the perfect 6×4 lives are more worthy than innocent people in poverty. People that create no harm to other innocent souls but they are unfortunately just poor in life.

Let’s be real here! If the celebrities and other people involved in this dirty, nasty massacre were so great why are they resorting to spreading AIDS and other nasty lethal STDs for the dollar?

and unfortunately this is a constant in my radius, in my world.

This is very much happening and alive in our backyard. However, the journalists (over 10years later) fail to report this on the news to save millions of innocent souls.

This really bothers me as I’m sure you can tell by my 19 out of 20 blog posts on this matter, on this site 😳.

And I am really confused as to why this is happening? I know I am not the only innocent in this world war that is impacted by this. I am well aware police and military corruption is involved in this war.

I feel almost like, if you witness the crimes and acts of terrorism and say nothing, or worse do nothing to assist with the innocent people’s survival you are almost equal to the person or people’s committing the act yourself.

It would be really great if someone could make contact with me and share some light on this matter. It would help me with clearing things up and making sense as to why the “real news” over ten years later is still not being reported to the people to alert and save people’s lives.

If I sit down and say nothing we all die (the innocent). I really need to know why this is happening and why I have been put in a position without my consent to stand up?

I walked alone through the biggest genocide in history, I had no one to give me the heads up, no one to protect me during the war crimes committed against me, not 1 true friend to have my back in reality. Every day (again over 10 years later) make it only ever as far as my neighbours home, never any further. If I don’t warn people all innocent souls die.

I would greatly appreciate it if someone out there could assist me with bringing light to this dark situation. To bring the truth home is what I need the most.

I need my hero in this war 🌷⭐️

I can not keep saving innocent people with no honour back.

Best wishes to all the innocent out there, I wish you all the best with your survival.

May karma severely kick ass to the corrupt terrorists (aka Al-qaida that is now global). May they get exactly what they deserve and may justice be finally served for the war crimes committed against all innocent.

Warm regards,

Sylvia Adrienne Bottino


I took this picture at an Invasion Day march a couple of years ago
(An Indigenous Australian protest against Australia Day being held on the 26th of January).
I thought this sign (ironically) killed it!
It was perfect!

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