Luppinos Organic Hairdresser @Brisbane city

Hi All,

Just a quick review blog post about Luppinos Organic Hairdresser in Brisbane city.

After having troubles with a previous hairdresser’s service (or lack of) I was on the hunt for a new hairdresser.

I wanted to find a hair salon that not only provided me with a great service but also treated me kindly as a client. This was a massive issue for me with a previous hair salon, so finding a salon with these qualities was very important to me.

I searched on Groupon for local hairdressers which I could try at a great price and found a Groupon deal for Luppinos Organic, which I purchased approximately three years ago.

I have been a loyal client ever since and always enjoy my time there. I generally get my hair done by Nori who is an amazing hair stylist. I have also had my hair styled by Milton who provides equally amazing service.

I am a massive fan of Luppinos Organic hair salon! They have an awesome staff and always make me feel glam by the time I leave the salon.

Their service is amazing and they know how to make a feel a woman feel awesome.

If you are in need of a new hairdresser in Brisbane city I highly recommend Luppinos Organic on Adelaide Street.

Standard pricing in comparison to other city salons but an amazing service that is well with every cent.

❤️ them dearly they are an amazing team!

Warm regards,

Sylvia Adrienne Bottino

My new haircut

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