Stranger Danger

A random blog post in regards to Stranger Danger.

Most assaults or victims of violent crimes are committed by a person or persons that claim to know someone the target victim knows.

If the person they claim to know is not there to verify facts it is more than likely a lie. This means to discontinue contact with the stranger (person claiming to know someone you know) immediately.

Whether the person claiming to know the person you know is a famous celebrity, politician, police officer, world leader (corruption is very real in this world unfortunately) or teacher this means more than likely you are in danger.

Always remember stranger danger does not only apply to children it is a very serious issue for adults also.

We learn as children if the person isn’t there to verify the words being said behind another person’s back almost always it is a lie.

Evil monster exist in the form of human beings, not to be paranoid but to be vigilant and aware.

Warm regards,

Sylvia Adrienne Bottino

P.s: another great example of stranger danger is people claiming they are throwing a surprise party for a person whom you have never seen them with or that never shows up. It is clearly not a surprise party and you are in harms way. Remove yourself from the “surprise party” situation ASAP regardless to who is there. The chances that you are being kidnaped or in serious danger is quite high.

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